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Walk Tattoo is proud to be affiliated with Walter Trujillo.

Walter is considered to be one of the best tattoo artists within the greater Las Vegas area. In fact, he even won both Best in Show and best Realism awards for his pieces. The particular style of tattoo that Walter Trujillo specializes in is known as realism. This particular style is known for being very lifelike and realistic. Many happy clients can attest to the fact that Walter understands how personal the tattooing process can be and goes above and beyond for everyone. 

When you visit Walk Tattoo you will not be leaving with a lackluster tattoo, but rather a beautiful piece of art that you are sure to love and want to show off to everyone you encounter. Consider paying Walter Trujillo a visit for all of your realism tattoo related needs.

We promise you will not be disappointed with the end results!

Kitty Realism Tattoo

About Walter Trujillo

Walter Trujillo is a well-known tattoo artist working in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. He specializes in “realism” also called “photorealism” tattooing. This technique creates tattoo artwork that looks realistic or
like a photograph and often has a real-life 3D effect.

In addition to Realism tattoos, Walter also does Black and Grey and Traditional tattooing. If you are looking for an exceptional tattoo artist, a clean and creative environment and great service book a session with us
today, you won’t be disappointed.

Realism tattoos were inspired by the Realism Art Movement in France in the 1850’s. Designs vary as does media. The amount of time and technique put into this art is amazing. Walter has mastered this art form.

Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo

Black & Grey Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo

Realism tattoo of Heisenberg from Breaking Bad

Realism Tattoo Artist 

What Makes the Tattoo

Vision and a passion and a story to tell. That is what makes the tattoo. A tattoo is a commitment.

Every time someone sees your tattoo they are reading a story about you. Tattooing has been a part of human history for thousands of years, telling the stories of tribes, chiefs, religious beliefs. Tattoo inks are pigments, not dyes.

They can reflect light in the visible region of the light spectrum. Pigments are mostly organic and are carbonbased.


Tattoo Experience

Walter Trujillo has been performing realism tattooing in Venezuela and now in Las Vegas, NV. His experience includes Award Winning Body Suits, Portrait Pieces.

Orange Flower Tattoo
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